A little peace and positivity

Good morning. As I woke this morning the news of Minneapolis came out. I first want to say that I am saddened and frustrated by the loss of life that happened at the hands of police officers who acted inappropriately. I am also frustrated by responses on both sides during the protests. Police responded with rubber bullets and teargas and protesters responded by destroying private property. None of this helps. It’s not going to bring back the dead. It’s also not going to change the behavior of the police.

Rather than to continue to express my feelings about the matter and possibly start yet another social media argument I want to make this offeringMy wife is a very sensitive soul. This kind of thing hurts her on a very fundamental level and can almost make her physically ill. She loves to sing songs about peace and love and so please just sit back and listen to her sing about these things today. I tend to be a cranky person but today I am going to try to help her spread her message of peace and tranquility in a time when we so badly need it. Please just take a few minutes and listen to the Beautiful music that she makes.

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