Old Gems

Title Old gems

Today I was working on a couple of musical projects and setting up
some office space. You know what happens when you do that. That’s right, I was setting up my old computer which I have not usedin a very
long time. I needed to find some old recordings That I had stored on
an external hard drive I have here. It took me some time but I
located the files.
First of all, I will tell you that even though we live in the age where computers can do more things than ever, they have not changed all
that much. There is an old quote from the movie “Crossroads” where
Willie, the grizzled, road weary harmonica player says, as he is being
harassed by a local sheriff “Seems things has changed in this here
county, then again they kinda stayed the same”. That seems to be the
way with computer technology but I digress. I said all this to say
that I was a real dabhand at DOS back in the day when I was a computer
science major. In short, I did not go through the windows explore to
find my files. I went out to the DOS prompt and typed “dir/s/p
*.wav” and within a couple of mintes, my hard drive was exhaustively
searched and like magic, there was the location of allmy old
I think maybe i have become more fascinated with my old compter
after all this time than with my music recordings. That was, until I
clicked on a few and actually listened to them. I’ve had them
uploaded to Youtube for several years now and it is well established
that they are my songs. I have n ot listened to them onanything other
than a phone for quite some time. This evening, as I was organizing
my music and my thoughts for my blog, I decided to listen to a few of them.
Here is what is interesting. When you write a song, you keep it
in theback ofyour mind. You also take for granted that you will always remember it. That is something you should not do
Many musicians go out on stage and forget their own songs. It
happens all the time Forthis reason, I keep notebooks of my work
where I can find them. I keep stuff onmy phone and I have all my
compositions, the ones I like anyway,uploaded to Youtube. My wife
thinks I am insane when I ocasionally listen to one of my trakcs.
Ijust tell herthat I am just trying to refresh my memory.
What I found interesting tonight washow my musicianship has
changed obver the years. I donot approach my instruments the same way. As I have engaged in further training, my voice has changed and I
do not sing the same way either. When I listened to my recordings ona
real set of speakers,, it was almost like I was listening to something
new. Yes, I realized these were my songs but listening to them again
this way was actually revealing in how my music has changed over the years. I would not have had this opportunity if I had not started writing my own stuff. I guess if I were to sum up my thougnts, it
would be this way. Don’t be afraid tobe creative. Write something,
anything. You’ll learn somuch about your own musicality..

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