OK I am feeling pretty certain that some of my readers have noticed something wrong with some of my posts. This is a quick update. I am in the process of converting some office space in my house. At the current time I’m using my phone to dictate my posts. I’m going to miss things and it’s going to make my posts look very humorous for a bit. I promise the Quality of the editing and writing will improve. Just bear with me thanks so much for your support

One thought on “Update

  1. John.
    If you go scroll through some of my archives, you’ll see that I have posts that have in their titles the word, “Dictated.”
    First, this happened during my first computer crash after I got my iPhone.
    Then it happened again because my bluetooth keyboard ran out of battery power, and throughout the years I’ve done it for various reasons.
    Don’t stress it. You’re doing fine.
    At least you’re using your blog to grow your business.
    I see so many people who have the potential to do so who won’t even try.
    No worries.


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