Lady in Red #Monday Musical Memories

I heard this song once or twice back in 1987 when it was popular. But by then, unlike other college students, I was more into public radio and not …

Lady in Red #Monday Musical Memories

This is from my friend Abbie Johnson Taylor. Yes the article links back to her profile but I wanted to give her credit. Being a music teacher I happen to like her musical memories segment I read it all the time.

I must say, my wife and I have very special memories of this song. This was a favorite of hers because she had on a beautiful red dress when she came with me to my junior prom. we were married a year later

6 thoughts on “Lady in Red #Monday Musical Memories

    1. I know this is a tough question for independent authors but are any of these books in audio format? We’re getting more and more dependent upon that every day. We both used to read print and now as we age it’s getting harder and harder


      1. Couple of them are on national library services for the blind. But, right now as you see in the post she has them on sale at smash words. Go to that link and get them from there. They come in accessible format. You can convert them to daisy reader books read them on your victor stream etc.

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      2. Hi John.

        I’m going to answer this again because I did a bad job of it earlier.

        First I think you can request some of Abbie’s books through your lending library for National Library Services For the Blind and Print Disabled: . However if you go to the link shown for Abbie’s books on Smashwords you can get the books in various formats, many of which can be read via screen reader, voice over, and or converted to Braille or Daisy Reader.

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