6 thoughts on “Negative attitudes towards music theory among musicians

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    This is the same issue that is prevelant with students working for the BFA degree in the universities. They are “MAKERS” and that is all they want to do or know about. They are required to take many courses in Art History – and they rebel against it. The think that learning about the past history of the arts does not have anything to do with them. In fact, it has every thing imaginable to do with them and they are too lazy to do it. They will spend days and nights in the studio making art – they sleep there, eat there, and work u ndil they drop – making art. Yet, they do not realize the foundation of the craft – and the core of what it all means to them, today. I even can say this is true in graduate school with many artists – there, again the must dtuy art history. And, it’s hard. You have to memorize so much you think your train will explode. You have to think to the depths you never knew you had in you. But, it is your core and the beginning of your own understanding of the world, philosophy, history, and culture. We must learn to go behond the initial passion we have for making art – and be willing to put in the intellectual work that is the foundation of our craft. We must learn to think – and thinking takes a lot of time set apart from the making. Art History is also our PRACTICE. We practice making art and we practice thinking and learning about the centuries of those who walked this path before us.

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    1. Well said! Exactly. I could not have said it better. It’s that foundation of historical knowledge that brings you to a more professional level of your craft. The same is true with music history. I have been surprised at things that I have learned from music history which influenced the way that I play or what music I study


      1. John you inspired me to write a blog post this day, about visual artists and their rejection of art history – I am going to put a link to your post on my blog below my article – shortly. You may bet some traffic fro that link – because it is really an interesting perspective that applies to all people in the arts I think. I had not even thought of that before – because I thought it was just an artist thing – but this is very enlightening to me, too.


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      2. Thank you very much. I actually reposted that from another person’s blog the other day. But it is a sentiment I completely and utterly agree with. Thank you very much for your support and by the way I read your article. LOL I couldn’t find the like button sorry


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