Making it your own…

First, a shameless plug. If you have followed my YouTube channel at all, you know that my wife and I are fans of Jewel Kilcher. She is a singer/songwriter and poet who enjoyed a great deal of success starting in the 1990s. Here is a cover we did of one of her songs. You might enjoy this one because it also contains a little slideshow of our little dog

Now that you have heard our version of the song go back and listen to the version she recorded. It’s very different. It’s all a matter of interpretation and preference. She interprets it on her guitar in a very different way than I do when I play for Paula. That is quite deliberate

One good example of this is Dolly Parton‘s “I Will Always Love You”. Dolly sang it one way and Whitney Houston came along years later and sang it another way. I have to assume that was because of interpretation of the song. It really doesn’t matter if I like one version or the other. Each singer chose to interpret that song differently. Whether you like Dolly’s version or Whitneys version, each one put their own life into the song.

Here’s another one that would be very interesting. those of us who enjoy rock ‘n’ roll music very well now “Iron Man “. This song made absolutely timeless by Black Sabbath. Just for fun though after you get done reading this morning’s entry go out to YouTube or someplace and locate a version of that same song by a group called The Cardigans. I think you will find their interpretation of the song to be very different and interesting. They use a jazz chord structure and a pop mode do you interpret this timeless classic. To be honest, even though I enjoy my hard rock, I really have to give a nod of approval to the creativity of The Cardigans approach

The long and short of it is that I have learned through teaching music and listening to an off a lot of it thank you my love or hate someone else’s version of a song but there really is no right or wrong way to make a song your own. That song that you enjoy singing and playing on your guitar was a gift to you and to many from the composer. This songwill always belong to them. Your own interpretation of the song kind of makes it your own as well. The composer intended for their music to be enjoyed that way.

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