What did I do on my day off?

I teach music lessons about six days a week. Sometimes I teach even seven days a week. I am finding that even during the COVID-19 pandemic that I’m having an opportunity to work every day and I am grateful. I must say though that I am also grateful for a day off occasionally. I spent my day off today doing a little cooking drinking a little coffee and doing a little music recording.

I rarely get a chance to work on my own personal projects and my own personal musical goals lately. When you work as a professional musician that is often the case. You play or teach what you are paid to play or teach. It is therefore kind of nice when you get a chance to work on your own stuff.

The wife and I did some musical recording also. We have recorded several covers of things we like and we have actually recently revised a few things. Here’s one we worked on today

Well that’s the end of my day off back to work with me tomorrow.

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