I just Called to Say I Love You #Monday Musical Memories

Good Monday morning! Well I’m back after a long absence. I’ve had some personal stuff going on but for the time being I’m back in business. The above blog is one that appeals to me because the lady tells stories about her favorite music and why she likes it.

It’s always super interesting to me to hear why people like a certain song especially if their story is very specific. The other thing that’s interesting to me is to listen to how songs were written and developed. I’ve been following this blog for a short time now I think you all should check it out

My Corner

I sang this song to my late husband a little over a month after receiving his marriage proposal, even though I wasn’t yet sure I loved him. When he proposed to me in January of 2005, he was living in Fowler, Colorado, and I was living here in Sheridan, Wyoming. We’d met a couple of years earlier through a magazine and had, for the most part, a long-distance friendship.

A month after I received his letter, asking me to consider marrying him, his house rental business started going belly-up. In his daily email messages, he kept saying how much he wanted to run into my arms, so I could hold and comfort him. His proposal had been such a shock, and I hadn’t made a decision about marrying him, but I felt sorry for him. Finally, on Valentine’s Day, I was inspired to call him and sing him this song.

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