There are many songs out there right now about the coronavirus. Any attempt that I might make at writing a coronavirus song would be very unoriginal at this point. There are silly songs for the most part but there might be something serious out there

Popular music is admittedly a good way of providing a chronicle of a historic time. All you really have to do is look at music throughout the ages. During wartime at any time in our country, protest music and morale boosting music is published to lift the spirits and to remind people of the dangerous times we live in

Civil War music is very interesting. It tells of the history of what was going on in our country during that most grievous time. there are songs about the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. even just the every day popular music has a way of laying down a chronicle of the life and times of any given time period.

I could make a contribution to the Chronicle at this time of our history and at some point I might. However, at this time I would like to post a song that I wrote about a year ago about my own Christian journey. It has nothing to do with COVID-19 or quarantine or anything like that it is just my journey to seek my relationship with Christ. I hope you enjoy it. Perhaps it’ll give you something to do during this quarantine And perhaps give you a little comfort

With Him Once More – original by John Crawford

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