How reuniting with my high school classmates might save my business

A couple of years ago after a long period of time, one of my high school classmates reached out to me on Facebook. Honestly, she had been a roommate and very dear friend of my wife set the time they were little girls. I have known her myself when I came along later. I didn’t know her as well as my wife dead but we were friends nonetheless. Here is the story about how that fateful reunion may very well lead to the saving of my music teaching business

If you are into sappy readers digest style anecdotes, then just go ahead and stop reading here. This is one of those things. Actually, it’s probably less exciting to read than anything you’d find in the digest. It starts with the fact that our friend was always very intuitive about things. You see, my wife and I have been through something very traumatic and because of this I became very protective and almost secretive. In a very simple reassuring sentence she broke down years and years of withdrawal and distressed and go up and dress up not only to a friendship with her and her husband and son but with many others that we went to school with.

Now that the walls were coming down another high school friend started a Facebook messaging group that in Prior years, I would have avoided. I would’ve avoided all of this not because anyone in the group was worthy of such distressed but because we were still going through something. When those barriers broke down we realized that we needed friends in our lives and having done this we opened up our sales to a lot of really great friendships

My wife reconnected with all schoolmates and I met some of those people she used to talk about but I’ve never personally met. I met younger students in our school who of course, have long since graduated but home I had seen and never really gotten to know. It really helped to break down the walls. We now talk with several of these people on a daily basis. It’s been a wonderful experience of healing And personal growth but there was to be one other benefit

We now live in a society where technology is important. We communicate in ways that we never have before. We use such things as Skype, FaceTime, and Facebook messenger to communicate in audio and video formats. I make YouTube videos of music that I wish to convey to our new found family and to teach today young students. Talking to our friends in this way when we are all so far apart Has enhanced our understanding of this technology to a great degree

The COVID-19 coronavirus has now spread all over the world and has changed the way we live and work and may do so for a very long period of time perhaps even permanently. Now, more than ever, we have to embrace this digital technology if we are to engage in commerce and stay sane. I teach private music lessons for a living and I miss doing this one on one with individual students. It’s always been that way in my business but when the coronavirus struck earlier this year I had to re-think the way I run my business. It hit me all at once in the space of one afternoon that I can do this remotely with my phone and a tripod. First one student and then the next seemed to like the idea. This idea has gone into testing and I am still teaching students that I would not normally have been able to teach because of the fear of spreading the coronavirus

In no small way, I owe A great deal of thanks to my wonderful friends for coming back into our lives when we needed somebody so badly and inadvertently providing me with the tools I need to stay in business in an ever-changing technological world now faced with a challenge that our generation has not yet come across. we can look to our elders for advice about living in quarantine conditions. We can be inspired by the stories of how their families stayed together and work through those difficult times. We should also pass along to pass and future generations that we have gain in coming through this current challenge. In short, at the risk of sounding cliché, necessity is truly the mother of invention

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