Still business as usual

Going into another week with middle Tennessee being affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus, I am looking at today being a normal business day. So far I have not heard that anyone has canceled and everyone has been great about keeping me updated as to whether or not they’re going to be at lessons. I don’t want to make this another post about the virus but I will simply say that these outbreak will have a significant effect on my business. I am having to change the way I’m doing things

I am observing sanitizing protocols for myself and students and double checking to make sure everyone is well and that no symptoms are being experienced. I think everyone is doing the same back at me so I think we’re all good on that front. I keep industrial strength hand sanitizer in the studio and I observed a wash down procedure before I go into the studio or back into my home after work.

I keep the studio wiped down with Sanitizing wipes especially the piano. Now that I’ve got that out of the way I’d like to talk a little bit about my plans moving into this possibly extend it

I’m looking at starting to do remote lessons via FaceTime or Facebook messenger video call. I think I’m going to get a lock box where people can drop off payment rather than see me directly if they choose to do remote lessons. I have one customer using that option at this time and that is very successful. It’s going to be challenging with my visual impairment though. I cannot see my screen at all so I can’t see what my students are doing but I can hear them when they play the notes. This will prove to be effective with some students and not so effective with others.

I am also planning to offer some free short music tutorials on YouTube. I do that already to some extent but I would like to extend that a little bit during this Quarantine season. People need stuff to do and other companies are offering certain services free of charge and I think I would like to follow their example. You know what they say, if you want to be successful emulate successful people

As of today March 22 no one in my household is experiencing symptoms except maybe my little dog LOL! She has a very sensitive stomach and apparently some horse play yesterday caused her to become sick. She seems to be better today although we are keeping a close eye on her because she is tiny. My daughter suggests that I advertise during this time because parents are going to want some kind of educational opportunities for their kids. If we can make this work that would be good. Nashville Tennessee has been put on lockdown and it’s only a matter of time until that reaches coffee County so I will continue to offer face-to-face lessons to those well enough to attend and begin to move into remote video lessons when that is more feasible. That’s the plan from here. I will be back When I have more

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